Favourite Softball Memories Writing Contest Winners!

Posted by Whitchurch-Stouffville Softball on May 12 2021 at 08:36AM PDT

We would like to start by thanking everyone who submitted an entry to our first-ever writing contest! We had so many wonderful entries, it was very difficult to pick a winner! That being said, we would like to congratulate our winners! Below are the wonderful entries they submitted!

1st Place – Averie E.

I have been playing softball for six years now and it is my passion, but it hasn’t always been this way. When I started playing in third grade, I could barely throw and catch the ball. I was so frustrated and because of this, I never wanted to play.

Every single night, my dad and I would go out in the backyard and try to throw and catch ten perfect balls. For months we would practice together. I got better each time but being the stubborn nine year old that I was, I didn’t see my improvement, only my failure. Still, my father urged me to go out and practice with him. At the time, I strongly disliked him for it until the one fateful night when I reached my goal.

I still remember the joy that I felt and the excited look on my dad’s face as I caught the tenth ball. I immediately ran up to him and gave him a hug. Now I can throw and catch ten balls in my sleep, but if my dad didn’t believe in me like he did, I might not even be playing softball today. Those nights playing catch with him are what shaped the softball player I am today. Now I’m the one who asks him to go out and practice with me!

My favourite softball moments aren’t about the wins, it’s when I’m behind the scenes in my backyard, playing catch with my dad.

2nd Place – Emma T.

About 2 years ago my select softball team had a practice. It was a pretty regular practice until the end when we decided to work on sliding. Since it was a scorching hot day my coaches thought setting up a slip and slide would be a good idea. It would not only help out with our sliding, but it would also cool us off. There was only one catch, they didn’t have a slip and slide. For the “slip and slide” they basically just had a tarp nailed down to the ground and covered it in water. Of course, I got chosen to go first. The only problem was that the tarp had a tiny lip at the beginning. When I went for my slide my foot caught it and I felt forward and faced planted into the water on the tarp. For the rest of the practice, I was covered in mud and was soaking wet. Although it was a little uncomfortable it was really funny and did come to my advantage. Because I was already soaked and muddy when the coaches brought out water balloons at the end of practice I went all out. It’s not like I could get any wetter, plus it really cooled me down. Looking back it was such a fun experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

3rd Place – Alessia G.

In 2019, we were at our first tournament as a first year team. We got our first win as a team in Oakville. We were down and we came back to win against Cornwall. At the end of the game when they were announcing awards they called us the little town that could even though we won. We ended up meeting again at another tournament and smoked them! Being a first year team we didn’t expect much but once we won that game it gave us hope!

*winners will be contacted regarding their prize shortly.


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